Portland Harbor, Dorset

Two new geocaches have been released around Portland Harbour. The first is really easy to find: usual pink Hello Kitty box somewhere on the Bombardon Unit & Landing Craft. The other one is a clear tupperware box on a piece of the wreckage on the Dredger in Balaclava Bay. Both have a treasure inside! Make sure you replace it if you take it. There is a pencil and a logbook to sign. Also, please log your discoveries in the comment section here and/or on our Facebook group page.

Bombardon Unit & Landing Craft:

Depth: ~16m

GPS coordinates: 50° 34.33N; 02° 24.91W


Depth: ~6m

GPS coordinates: 
50° 34.090’ N 002° 25.455’ W

More information on diving Portland Harbour can be found here.

Disclaimer: this cache is underwater. Only qualified divers should attempt to find it. 


  1. FOUND IT: Bombardon Unit & Landing Craft. Despite the silty conditions a relatively easy find. When is the harbor not silty ;D
    Thanks for the cache it was fun to go hunting under water.

  2. Fount the one on the Dredger, didn't manage to find the one on the Bombardon Unit due to the poor vis. TFTC.

  3. Found the one on the Landing craft! :) Although pencil and description sheet were gone :'( there was only the pink box (with growth on it!) and the log sheet. Also placed another one on the Bombardon Unit

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