Dorothea Quarry, Wales

A new underwater geocache in the UK has been placed!

It is located in Dorothea Quarry. Enter the lake via the Nantle way. Swim straight out of the slipway. When you hit the 10m ledge the cache is in the glove compartment of the Evolution IV car crashed into a van! The cache is a bright pink plastic box. It has a treasure inside! Make sure you replace it if you take it. There is a pencil and a logbook to sign. Also, please log your discovery in the comment section here and/or on our Facebook group page.

Depth: ~10m

GPS coordinates: 53° 3.306' N, 4° 14.474' W 

Disclaimer: this cache is underwater. Only qualified divers should attempt to find it. 

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  1. Unfortunately this cache is no longer active as someone has probably removed it. We will replace is asap. However, as we are based in London it might take a while. If anyone fancies putting a new one in for us we would be grateful!


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