Vobster Quay, Frome, Avon (Two Caches)

We placed two caches in Vobster Quay. Check out the teaser video for more hints on where it is located. One of the caches is a tiny plastic tupperware box whereas the other one is a Disney-themed lunch box. Both have a treasure inside! Make sure you replace the treasure if you take it. There is a pencil and a logbook to sign in each cache. Also, please log your discoveries in the comment section here and/or on our Facebook group page.

Answer the following questions to find out where the caches are:

1. There is an infestation of Nymphaeaceaeas in Vobster. Every day the amount of Nymphaeaceae in the lake doubles. If on the 15th day you can't go diving as Vobster is completely covered, on which day was it half full? Under the buoy with the number of days is takes for the Nymphaeaceae to cover half of Vobster  is one cache! 

2. What is the pressure (in bars) at the maximum depth which is safe (according to recreational diving standards) to breathe 35% nitrox? Under the buoy carrying this number you will find a treasure! Make sure you analyse your gas mix! 

GPS coordinates: 51º14.745' N, 2°25.498' W 

Depth: ~15m

Disclaimer: this cache is underwater. Only qualified divers should attempt to find it. 


  1. actually, CACHE Nr. 1 is very exposed and could be kicked away or covered by silt! Can PLEASE whoever will find it first put it somewhere more sensible (but close to the same buoy) so that its more protected and doesn't get lost!! Reward for this favour is, you can take one treasure out of the box without replacing it! THANK YOU! We didn't have time to do it ourselves.

  2. Cache Nr. 1 is now in the hands of the vobster staff, if you fancy placing it somewhere in the lake please do so! :-)

  3. Both caches are now gone :-(

  4. New cache in the car replaced today! :-) But it has no pencil… happy caching!


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